Thursday, September 15, 2011


It's been so LONG, I'm sorry I have been a blog slacker! It seems like a whole lot of nothing AND a ton of stuff has been happening...I don't know how that's possible.

Yesterday, we dropped our Ty off at the MTC. It was definitely bitter-sweet. He received his mission call 5 months ago, he was SO ready to go, but I'm selfish and didn't want him to go yet. My dad says, "It's good that he's gone, we're that much closer to getting him back." True that, dad.

Tuesday, Ty was set-apart as an Elder. It was a very emotional and spiritual night. President Tate is a very humble, in-tune man and he gave Ty a very nice and pretty long blessing. I cried harder this night than I did when we said goodbye.

Sunday was Ty's farewell. He prepared for hours and hours. I don't remember the last time he gave a talk in Sacrament, so I was excited to hear his speaking skills. He did an AMAZING job! I was so proud of him. His topic was The Book of Mormon: Fact or Fiction. I promise you, if I didn't believe in the Book of Mormon before that, I would have after hearing his talk. WOW that kid is going to make an AMAZING missionary!

I'm so proud of Ty for making the decision and being worthy to serve a mission. The people of Orlando are SO lucky. I'm jealous of them. He is such a great example to me. Before he left, Ty and his friends would go to the temple every week (if not more), he has always just been a genuinely GOOD person. I hope my future kids are like him (and Chris...basically the same person haha!)
  • Chris is loving school and is doing really well, he is becoming such a smarty pants!
  • I am officially EMD trained, now I can give a limited amount of medical instruction over the phone. And I'm loving my job, which is good since I'm the only one working now that school has started.
  • Travis and Shawna's wedding is NEXT WEEK! I'm making treats and cupcakes for the reception, my mom is making the food.
  • There are SO many prego people lately, congrats everyone, how exciting!
That's about it, I told you that nothing too exciting has been happening these days! Thanks for reading! XO