Saturday, February 18, 2012

Valentine's week

Like everyone, I love Pinterest. There are always so many awesome DIY projects that I always want to do, I just never get around to doing any of it! Since we like to be cheap, for Valentine's Day, I decided to end this DIY-Pinterest-projectless existence!

Here is my first project that I made for Chris:
I made this awesome scratch off card!
Here's a sample of what one of the scratch-offs looked like!
Chris loved it! I thought it was more fun than just a normal old greeting card.

Then...I made these:
Big old rice krispy kisses!
Super easy and fun.

I also bought Chris a tie.
I think if I were a guy, I'd have a whole ton of ties, I love them.
Chris is going to need a lot of them for his future career, so I buy them for all sorts of occasions.

I took the weekend off work and we celebrated Valentine's Day last night/today.
We went to The Salt Lake Burger Company, which is DELISH.
Then we went and saw The Woman In Black. HOLY SCARY! We were able to make so many great Harry Potter jokes throughout though. "Harry, get your wand out!"
Today, we spent all morning together and went to the temple.

Valentine's Day is fine, but it seems kind of silly that there is a day specifically to show your love to your husband/boyfriend/etc. Something I absolutely love about Chris is that he shows his love for me 365 days a year without fail. He is so sweet and I couldn't have dreamed of someone more perfect for me.

5 reasons why Chris is perfect for me:
-He lets me put my cheek against his cheek while we lay in bed every single night. He doesn't like it that much, but knows I love it, so he does it.
-He only fills up one big cup for the 2 of us to drink from.
-He never makes fun of my weird Harry Potter obsession. He just kindly asks what part of the book I'm on today.
-He always laughs at my stupid jokes and listens to my pointless stories.
-We have spent so much time together that we totally have the same lingo and even the same laugh. We are SO much alike, it's insane. 

Anyway, I hope everyone had a nice V-day!