Thursday, January 26, 2012


{Warning: cheesy post, don't read if you gag when hearing about other people's lovey dovey lives!}

Yesterday was our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! Wow, I can't believe how FAST this year FLEW by! Oh my heck, it was the greatest year of my life. I have the greatest husband, we have such a perfect relationship, my life is so good! Chris is everything I ever could have dreamed of in a man. He literally is the perfect person for me, he is my other half, we have such a good balance together. I love him more than words can describe. 

To celebrate our first year, we went to Massage Envy for a couples massage.
Aww it was heavenly. I NEED the pre-natal massage pillow wedge things, it felt like I was laying on a cloud for an hour.
Here's us all relaxed after our massages

We ate a piece of our wedding cake!
It was actually surprisingly good still, had a little freezer-burn, but whatever, what can you expect after a full year in the freezer?! It was almond poppy seed (minus the poppy seeds [I didn't want poppy seeds getting in my teeth at our wedding reception haha]) and it still smelled like perfection. The lady who did our cake, Cindy at Heritage Gardens, is a really good cake maker! YUM!
Chris and I agreed that we didn't want to exchange gifts or anything since we would be getting massages together and we like to save money for our baby and other necessary things. I wasn't going to do anything, but decided to do just a little something for Chris since he does so many sweet things for me. I got 12 white balloons (1 for each month we have been married), and wrote 1 thing I love about him on each balloon. I thought this would be more meaningful to him than just a card or note. 
It turned out pretty cute and Chris absolutely loved it

Anyway, it really has been the most perfect year of my life. I cherish every minute I get to spend with my sweet husband, he treats me like a princess. Speaking of which, the other day I heard a married woman say these exact words, "Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about men" and I kind of chuckled but then started thinking...Chris is better than ANY prince charming on any Disney movie, Disney just gave me a glimpse of what my life WOULD become. I'm so blessed.