Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some thoughts

I have been neglecting this blog so badly since I have been doing weekly baby blogs, I'm sorry!

Chris and I are doing GREAT! Chris can't wait to be a dad. He is such a good husband, I can't believe I scored someone so amazing and perfect for me. Here is an example of his sweetness:

We were getting ready for bed on Friday night and we noticed that a bottle of soap had tipped in our shower and spilled a bit, no big deal. On Saturday (aka his only day to sleep in and take a break from school), he got up at 5am to wash the tub out so that I wouldn't slip while I was showering. I told him not to worry about it but he insisted. He is so kind.

Now imagine that kind of love every single day, that's Chris. It's SO nice being married to someone who is so sweet and in touch with my emotions and needs. I can't explain how lucky I am. Marriage is my favorite thing and it literally gets better every single day. 

We saw The Hunger Games on Friday. Holy cow, we LOVED it! We had such high hopes and expectations for it, and we weren't let down at all. I totally cried like a baby at the beginning when Katniss hormones...or something!

Chris is still enjoying school. He has so many nice friends. They play a lot of ping pong and occasionally study and go to class. Haha jk Chris is very dedicated to his work, he is getting so smart! He only has like 3.5 more weeks of class, then it's finals time! 1 year (almost) down, 2 to go!

Lately, I just love seeing dogs with their head's hanging out of the car window. Like seriously it makes me giddy for some weird reason. Even when I'm driving alone, I'll let out a little high pitched EEK when I see it.

Something I don't when I'm driving to work (very early in the morning when it's still very dark) and there are people running in the road. Good for you for running, especially before the sun rises, but PLEASE GET ON THE SIDEWALK! It is SO scary and I almost have a heart attack every time. So many people do it and I think it is so unsafe. Come on folks!

Sorry, no pictures of us on this post, I'm not so photogenic these days haha!