Monday, February 28, 2011

March eve

Can you believe how time flies!? Tomorrow is already MARCH! Chris and I have already been married for over a month...and I'm still falling more and more in love with him each day. He is the best husband EVER.

For our one month anniversary he bought us tickets to go see a play written by Shakespear, A Mid Summer's Night Dream. We were both so excited, we love being all cultured and sophisticated. So, we get all dressed up, drive downtown, walk a mile in the freezing cold to Capitol Theatre, walk up to the door's locked. OOPS. We went to the wrong venue! By the time we figured out WHERE the play was, it was too late. We ended up just going home and watching Napoleon Dynamite with bowls of chocolate icecream.
Chris got accepted to:
  • The University of Florida
  • Lewis and Clark University
  • Willimette University...with a $21,000 PER YEAR SCHOLARSHIP!
There are 2 more letters from Houston and Alabama sitting on the kitchen counter, I'm dying for Chris to get home so he can OPEN THEM!!

I'm so proud of him. What an amazing person and such a great example, I'm so lucky to be his wife.

Last Saturday, we had our monthly "Couples Dinner" and we finally were able to host it! We ate pork tacos/salads and watched Despicable Me...definitely my favorite movie of the moment. It was so fun to have a bunch of our friends over, they were our first visitors in our new home!

SPEAKING OF FAVORITES...I haven't done Top 5 Tuesday for ever! Let's do that today...



Here are mine [in no particular order]
  • Despicable Me
  • Tangled
  • Toy Story 3
  • Mega Mind

Ok, so maybe today will only be TOP 4...

Now YOU tell ME, what kiddie shows do you love most?

Thanks for reading, have a great week! XO!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had good Valentine dates this weekend! A few weeks ago, I told Chris that I wanted to "camp" for Valentines. I wanted to set up a tent in our living room and pretend that we were camping. I kind of forgot about the idea because we didn't have a tent and it didn't seem so practical. So whatever. Yesterday, I worked until 3, I came home and found this.
Chris is the sweetest man in the whole world.

The night was perfect, of course. Chris took me to my favorite place, the Cheesecake Factory. We figured that since 1. It's Valentine's 2. It's the Cheesecake Factory, we would have to get there extra early if we wanted to get a table before 9 pm. We left the house at 4 and arrived at 4:30. There was already a line (out the door) to even get your name on the list. It ended up working out perfectly. There was an hour wait, so we sat down at 5:30 and got our food around 6. I love that place. YUM! We ate WAY too much though, that's why we ONLY go there on special occasions!
This year
Last year

Ya know why this year was 293847 times better? BECAUSE WE'RE MARRIED!

Then, (this is extra sweet of Chris) we went and saw Gnomeo and Juliet. It was cute, but it was no Disney movie. The theatre was full of little kids, I actually love that situation because I absolutely love hearing little kids laugh. The CUTEST kids were sitting on both sides of us. I love that kids will just say whatever is on their mind. "Oh no! Watch out Gnomeo!!"
It ended up being the perfect night. We came home, got ready for bed, and camped out in our cute living room tent! I'm so grateful for my amazing husband. He is so incredible and makes my life SO happy.
I love being married. I love cooking and cleaning and having a lot of US time! I am enjoying all of this time before law school because I get Chris all to myself for a few more months. We hear that all of the schooling will steal my husband away for a few years. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for this. I'm not too worried because we both work hard at our relationship. An important part of our budget is "Date Night" every week. We also started having Family Home Evening, we want to be in the habit by the time we have kiddies.
We received this book at a wedding shower, it has great and easy ideas for FHE as a newlywed couple!

OH and back to law school, the night we came home from our honeymoon, we had a letter on our counter. We thought it was just another law school brochure, but we opened it and it was Chris's first law school ACCEPTANCE letter! It was to Lewis and Clark in Oregon. Congrats to my wonderful husband! We are so anxious to hear from the other schools now. It's so crazy not knowing where we'll be in only a few months!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend with their lovers, I sure did. Thanks for reading XO!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some bridals and groomals

Here are a few bridals and groomals. Bridals are by Steve Barrus at Nook & Cranny in Lehi. Groomals are by Vanessa Rae at La Caille. More to come.


It's been so long! There is just too much to talk about! We'll start with the wedding day.

We woke up on January 25th and it was snowing pretty badly, NOOOO! I was so sad, it hadn't snowed for weeks, and it was a blizzard the morning of my wedding. I woke up at 6 even though I didn't have to be to the temple until 10. I did my make up, my mom and I did my hair (I shouldn't have been so stressed about the hair). It wasn't anything fancy, but I loved it. We arrived at the temple, and were married for time and all eternity shortly after. The ceremony was amazing. Miraculously, my make up didn't get one smudge during all of my crying.
When it was time for pictures, we looked outside and magically it had stopped snowing and the temple grounds looked gorgeous!. So, I'm glad it wasn't snowing anymore and everything, but this was the only bad part of the was FREEZING and we had to do a lot of pictures and video-ing. I literally almost passed out because I was so cold. It was miserable out there, but at least I had my HUSBAND to hold me tight.

The reception was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! People always say, "Oh our wedding was good, little things here and there went wrong but that's what makes it fun"...well we CAN'T say that at all. Not one thing went wrong. The night was 32432 times better than I ever could have dreamed. Every single little detail was perfect. I was obsessed with our cake. Our candy table was adorable. The pictures were perfect. The food was great. The decorations were fabulous. The flowers were gorgeous. All of our friends and family were there. Chris and I were officially husband and wife. I could just go on and on about the perfectness of it all.
Side note: Before the wedding, Chris had been working 60 hour work weeks. I just thought work was really busy. But when we walked into Heritage Gardens for our reception, I saw why Chris had spent so much time at work lately. He had made me a cedar chest as a wedding gift. It is beautiful. He spent hours and hours on it, he is the sweetest man in the whole world. I love it! Here are some pictures, just ignore the couch's reflection on top haha.

We stayed at Little America in the honeymoon room on the top floor that night. On the table there were roses, chocolate covered strawberries (the chocolate looked little little tuxes, pics are on Chris's camera, I will put them on later), and Martinelli's (which I couldn't drink of course, but it sure smelled good!), and a key with our names and anniversary date on it. Just like the rest of the day, it was perfect.

The next morning we woke up at 4:30am to catch our flight. We went down to our car and the battery was dead. Ok, no big deal, we'll just jump it, right? We try to take the key was stuck in the ignition (stupid American cars). We couldn't find the battery, so we look in the owners manual thing, the battery is in the trunk. The whole car is electronic so we can't pop the trunk...which is where Chris's luggage was. So, we had to just call a taxi, leave all of Chris's stuff, and have my parents deal with the car while we were gone. We bought Chris some cheap clothes when we got to Mexico and he was set. Wouldn't it be nice to be a guy sometimes haha!?

Our honeymoon was amazing! We stayed in THEE coolest hotel in the whole country of Mexico. There really isn't much to tell, we mostly just relaxed. We painted a lot of pottery, took tons of naps, ordered room service, played in the pool, kind of got in the ocean once (neither of us love the ocean too much), and just hung out! We read a whole book together while we were down there, it's called The Maze Runner, I LOVED it. So good! I highly recommend it, especially to all of you Hunger Games fans!
I loved being with Chris 24/7. It was the greatest thing ever. I knew it wouldn't be, but for my whole life I really hoped that my honeymoon wouldn't be like Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Snow's on Just Married.

View from our room.
Mmm mmm!
Eatin' guac by the pool.
I spy with my little iguana!
Our favorite thing to do!
I didn't eat any Mexican food all week haha!

Everyone at our resort was about 75 years old. Everyone could tell that we were newly weds and they would always talk to us. They would say, "How did your pottery turn out?" and we would be like, "Great!" while we were really thinking "Uhh who are you? Have I seen you before??" (all the grannies started looking the same and we couldn't remember who we had talked to previously haha!

So, to summarize everything real quick. The wedding was perfect. The reception was perfect. The honeymoon was perfect. My husband is perfect, oh yeah I forgot to mention this, I love living with him, it's SO fun! Thank you everyone for all of your love and support, all of your help with the wedding, and just for EVERYTHING. It was the most perfect day/week of my life.