Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our last 1st

2 years ago today, I had my very last first kiss! Wow, how time flies!! Chris and I agree, these have been -BY FAR- the best 2 years of our lives!

On November 13, 2009, we went downtown, walked around temple square, ate at California Pizza Kitchen, then saw a movie. Chris walked me to my front door and there was both of our last first kisses :)

Oh how I love my Chris! He is the greatest thing to ever happen to me. He is so kind, helpful, understanding, hilarious, smart, fun, my list goes on and on. I love him more each day. Being married to the greatest man in the world sure has spoiled me! I love Chris so much, he is an amazing person. Thanks for making me the luckiest girl in the whole world Christopher! 2 down, forever to go!

Here's a couple pictures from 2009

"Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own." -Robert Heinlein

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weird obsession

So, I kind of have this weird Harry Potter obsession. I'm NOT exaggerating when I say that I have probably read books 4, 6, and 7 more than anyone on the planet Earth. No seriously. I have The Deathly Hollows on my iPod, and last year when I was running the Halloween Half Marathon, I wanted to change my music up, so I went to my "top 25 most played list" and every single track was a chapter from Harry...Umm I have listened to each chapter more than any SONG. I just love knowing what's going to happen, plus I think J.K.Rowling is a GENIUS!

So that you all know of my weird obsession, I think I need to branch out a bit (or a lot). Right now I'm reading The Death Cure, the 3rd book in The Maze Runner trilogy, which by the way, is a FANTASTIC series if you like The Hunger Games. It's a very unique story, it is very easy to read, and almost impossible to put down. Plus, the author is from Utah! I highly recommend reading them. 

Chris is so busy with all of his law school reading that he can't read much with me anymore, so I'm trying to find some books that I will enjoy! So, now it's YOUR turn! Please send me some suggestions on good reads! You can text me, email me, write me a comment here or on facebook! Thank you so much! 

PS- Thanks for all the love and support everyone has shown us with the baby, we really appreciate it! 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our big news!

Baby Higley:
Due May 2012
We are so happy to finally tell the world about our little bean!
If you'd like to follow our baby blog, send your email to and I'd be happy to add you to our list!

Chris and I can't WAIT to be parents! We found out that I am pregnant on September 16th. Our baby was very planned...with the absolute PERFECT timing! Chris will finish his 1st year of law school/finals at the beginning of May, baby is due May 29th :)

We went to the doctor today, everything is going perfectly. Perfect size, great heart beat, and moving like crazy! We took the suggestions of a lot of other pregnant girls and went with Dr. England at Riverton Hospital, we already really like him. 

I have been wanting to put this out there for so long, so here it is. 
If our baby is a boy, his name will be 
Jack Christopher Higley
If our baby is a girl, her name will be 
Vivien [Abigail or Lila] Higley

We are so happy and, of course, a bit nervous. A BABY!