Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I hope you all had a great Christmas. Mine was great, minus the fact that I had to work at 7am, but whatever, it wasn't too bad. Chris spoiled me, he got me everything that I asked for. EVERYTHING. I think he got everything that he wanted, too! It was so nice to be with the family and Christopher on Christmas.
Christmas afternoon. The family waited for me to get home from work to open their presents, that was realllllly nice of them.

Then for lunch, we were able to eat with my brother, Ryan, who is serving in the Salt Lake City South Mission! My parents couldn't be there, just the siblings, mission rule. It was so fun to see him, he seems to be doing really well. We sure miss him.
All the boys and Elder Park

For dinner, we had the missionaries in our area come eat with us. They eat with us at LEAST once, if not twice, a week. My mom LOVES them, this is my theory why: if she is good to these missionaries, other people will be good to HER missionary. 
Everyone eating Christmas dinner

We took Christmas Eve and Christmas off of our "bet", so we ate whatever we wanted on those 2 days...BLAH bad choice, Chris and I got SO sick. We couldn't even go to church the next day. It was nice to go back to "no sugar".

I have decided that I want to do a little TOP 5 once a week. I want to know everyones! So I will tell you mine, then you all tell me yours! Maybe it will encourage me to branch out of my routine and try something new. This week, I'm starting with PERFUME.

My top 5 favorite perfumes:
(in no particular order)

Dolce & Gabbana
Light Blue
This is such a classic smell. It's fresh and clean. Everyone LOVES it.
Victoria's Secret
Sexy Little Things
I didn't start liking this one until recently, but OHHH I am obsessed now, it really does smell sexy.

Jessica Simpson
If you're looking for a signature smell, this is a good one to go with. It's really unique and has a really pretty smell. Chris got it for me for Christmas!

This reminds me of high school, not very many people wear it. It's amazing. It makes me sneeze every time I spray it on, which is a major bonus!

Ralph Lauren
This is a fun and fruity smell. I will always love it!

Like I said before, I like to stick to what I know and like, I'm trying to branch out and try new things! Plus, I just really like to know random stuff like this about people!
What are YOUR top 5 favorite perfumes and why? 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve! I'm blogging right now for several reasons:

  1. I wanna say CONGRATS to Chris for GRADUATING with his bachelor's degree
  2. Also, CONGRATS to Chris for getting a 4.0...AGAIN, he's so smart and motivated
  3. I'm just waiting for Tyler and Chris to get home from their late night, post-Christmas Story watching, Beto's-run... gross. 
Tomorrow is SO great. Christmas (our 1st together!), birthday, AND 1 month until our wedding. Happy Christmas to everyone! XO!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

There's an app for that

Tomorrow, I'm going to go to the temple to do baptisms. I'll be able to tell all of the cute old people that in  just over a month I'll be able to finally go upstairs.

I'm so happy to be marrying Chris in the temple. Just the THOUGHT of not being with him forever makes my heart want to break. I'm so glad that we have the opportunity to spend our lives together on Earth AND for eternity after that. It wasn't until I met Chris that I realized how important FOREVER is.

Yesterday, we had my birthday dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It's by far my favorite place to eat. My dad is getting old and had to get out his flashlight app on his phone, he used it all through dinner. It IS pretty dark in there, it's almost as bad as Hollister. Chris bought me a Nike running hoodie and a Nike iPod sensor. You put it on your shoelace and it's synced with your iPod. It tells you how fast/far you've run. Also, when you start slowing down, it starts playing faster music to pump you up! I love my sweet boy, thanks Christopher.
My parent's gift to me is 17 days away...I'm getting a bit nervous about Lasik. I have tried to not think about it too much. Normal Lasik takes about 12 seconds per eye and the recovery time is a little over 1 day. MY Lasik will be different. I am legally blind, so it will take about 45 seconds per eye, with a recovery time of 10 DAYS! Yikes, that's a lot of recovery. It will surely be a small miracle when I can see without glasses or contacts. I got glasses in 1st grade and contact in 3rd. I DON'T know what it's like to just SEE. 

218 days down, 34 to go! Never have a long engagement.

I sure love this boy.

Thanks for reading. XO.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We are 42 days away and the STRESS is starting to hit.

My biggest stress: HAIR

I want it to be perfect, which makes me SO NERVOUS! Please, everyone, calm me with your comforting words (jk jk).

I'm not much of an up-do person, I'm thinking that I want curly to the side...but not a side ponytail. Also, I don't want a part. Here are a few pictures of IDEAS, I just don't LOVE anything yet. AHHHH!
So, I'm thinking....the front like picture number one, and the side/back like picture number two (minus the flowers). Then, once I know what I want, WHO IS GOING TO MAKE MY HAIR LOOK LIKE THIS??? Deep breaths. Also, how is it going to stay pretty all day long. Oh boy.

Second stress: CENTERPIECES

Why are we not finished with these suckers yet?! Oh, probably because they take about an hour PER flower and we have to make 90 of them (not including the bridesmaid's and niece's hair things).

But they are SO worth the time, they are gorgeous. I guess I'll give you a sneak peek of them...
I got the idea from etsy.com. I instantly fell in love with the bouquets but NOT the price of them. That was when I decided I needed to become CRAFTY and i figured out how to make them from scratch. All together (all 100 or however many we've made) we have spent about $35. WHICH IS AMAZING BECAUSE TO BUY 1 BOUQUET ON ETSY IT IS $110 PLUS SHIPPING! We made 12 bouquets for $35. It has taken a ridiculous amount of time though.
This is the picture that inspired it all.
To see more pictures of where I got the idea, click HERE!!!!!

Third stress: EVERYTHING COMING TOGETHER What if it doesn't, what if it is a huge disaster? I know it won't be, but I always think of ALL the 'what if's in the world.

Ok, that's all. I'm sorry to vent via blog. I'm just getting nervous. We have had SO long to plan all of this - "Oh we have time" - "No rush, we have all the time in the world" - and now it's becoming a reality VERY quickly!

I had my family shower on Saturday, it was amazing! I couldn't believe how many people came, it made me feel so happy and grateful that people were willing to come just for me. So, if you came (and you're reading this) THANK YOU, you will be getting a thank you card...sometime haha!

One more thing. Chris, Ty, and I started a bet: who can eat the healthiest for the longest. CLEARLY I'm going to win. The person who goes the longest gets $15 from the 2 losers. We have 3 days off: Christmas, Christmas Eve, and my birthday dinner. It's SO much easier to do a diet when other people do it with you.

WOW, long blog, thanks for reading! XO!

PS: I'm so proud of my sweet Chris, he will officially be finished with his bachelors degree TOMORROW at 2pm. I have a surprise date planned all out for him to celebrate. GREAT JOB CHRISTOPHER!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Christmas tree

Ok, as promised, here is a picture of our cute Christmas tree. Please ignore the fact that it is kind of sparse.
Chris moved into our new home! It's SO nice having him live 40 minutes closer to me. Driving home is bareable barable bearable...is that even a word? Why do all these spellings seem so wrong, whatever. I can't wait until I get to finally live there with him. It's in my grandparent's basement apartment, so it's decorated like we're back in 1968...in Africa. But it's ok, we're just happy to have a great place to live until we head off to law school.

I had my first ever bridal shower on Saturday. It was SOOO fun! My friends did an AMAZING job at putting it together! It was a perfect night, I loved getting to see everyone. I'm having another one this Saturday, it's a shower for my family, I can't wait to get everyone together!

I have an important question for everyone... WHAT DID YOUR PARENTS PUT IN YOUR STOCKING? My mama always put these types of things:
  • An orange
  • Underwear
  • Candy
  • Make up
  • Toothbrush
  • Deodorant
  • Socks
  • Etc.
I asked Chris what his mom put in theirs and they did completely different things than us! I had never once thought that people do different things than our family (I know, kind of dumb of me). So what are some different things that you get in YOUR stockings? I'm trying to get Chris's together and I need a few more ideas.

Here is one thing that I made for his stocking. It's a jar of candy and nice thoughts about him. So, every time he takes out a candy, he has to take out a little thought. It was cheap and easy to make, hopefully he'll like it!
We went and saw Tangled on Friday. SOOO GOOD! There have been so many AMAZING movies lately. Chris and I decided it sucks because we want to BUY all of them when they come out haha! But really Tangled is SO good, GO SEE IT! NOW!

Well better go study for my anthropology final, it's tonight. One more week and then it's ADIOS UVU! Thanks for reading. XO. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby it's cold outside

It's officially DECEMBER, which means...WE ARE GETTING MARRIED NEXT MONTH!!!

Everyone has been asking to see our engagement pictures, but I want to keep them a surprise until our invitations go out (hence, they won't be going up on facebook anytime soon), I hope everyone understands. BUT I will put a couple pictures on here, so that my 8 lovely blog followers will be ahead of everyone else. Sorry strictly facebookers!

Our invitations are designed and ready to go. They are super cute! Jaime Colemere designed them, a lot of people have been using her lately. We have been gathering addresses. If you want an invite, email your address to camipark88@yahoo.com.

We are doing a "love story" for our wedding video. Does anyone have any suggestions of where we should do it. All of the people in the samples were in the mountains or at the lake. Most people get married in the warmer months (aka all other months of the year), we have 12 inches of snow on the ground, I'm thinking that outdoors may not be the greatest idea. I dunno, maybe we'll just have to freeze for an hour (get us prepared for the wedding).

We went and saw Harry Potter at midnight, we loved it! It went by so fast, there is NO way they could have done the whole book in only 1 movie. We can't WAIT for the next one to come out, it's going to be AMAZING! All the hype and controversy about the "nudity" in the movie was blown way out of proportion. In the 4th movie, Harry is naked in the prefect's tub when he listens to the egg under water. It wasn't a big deal back then. Oh well.

If you don't understand our shirts, go to Youtube and watch the Harry Potter Puppet Pals videos. WARNING: may cause crying and sore abs due to excessive laughter....or maybe that's just us?

Chris and I read the whole Hunger Games series together. We started reading Hunger Games on like December 30th, we were finished with that AND Catching Fire within 3 weeks. We were SO excited for August to come because the 3rd and final book, Mockingjay, was coming out. We bought it and starting reading it on that very first day. After a couple days and few chapters we weren't feeling it. We quit reading it. Then 3 weeks ago we started up again and FINALLY finished it after 4 months. We didn't love it. It was our least favorite out of the 3 books. It was dark and depressing. We felt that Suzanne Collins put all the details in all the wrong places. I won't say anything more.
One of my favorite parts of this month was "STORMAGEDDON"! It was supposed to be the biggest blizzard in years and years. Everyone was so afraid. People were buying batteries, flashlights, canned goods, etc. (nothing wrong with updating our emergency kits, though, right?). Schools were cancelled, people were sent home early from work. Chris and I got in comfy clothes, turned on Elf, and then....it snowed. Just an ordinary Utah snow storm. We thought it was way funny, made for a good city scare/memory. Then a few days later, we really got dumped on. We have SO MUCH SNOW! Ok, enough SNOW talk.
I did my very first Zumba class yesterday. Funnest thing of my life! I will be going weekly from now on. Please feel free to join me if you don't work Tuesdays at 10:15am. I'm pretty sore today, good feeling.

Next week is our LAST WEEK OF CLASS! I'm SO ready for it to be over! No more 2 hour commute every day of my life. For the past year and a half, I have driven to Utah County almost every single day. The end of that is near!

I should probably blog more than once every 3 weeks, I always have way too much to say every time I do it. Thanks so much for reading (if you actually even made it this far). Remember to send me your addresses if I don't have them yet. XO happy December!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Half way through November ALREADY

Oh goodness, it's been a long time!

This past weekend, Chris and I went down to Mesquite and stayed with his parents. While we were down there we had the Higley Thanksgiving dinner, it was very nice. We also launched rockets, it's a family tradition. I did it with them last year, too. I can't believe how FAST time has gone this past year. Chris has SUCH a nice family, I just love them all.

We also did the St. George Turkey Triathlon. We did it relay style, there was a girls team and a boys team. Chris and I were the bikers of our teams. Carly and Brian swam. Matt and Candi ran. Half way through the ride, my chain fell off....we all know how "handy" I am when it comes to that sort of stuff. I got off my bike and started panicking. I realized that I was going to have to figure this out on my own...so after a few minutes, some random chain movement, and really greasy hands (and maybe face, too) I figured it out and finished the ride. The boys beat us, as expected. I loved it. I just love races, especially with my lover. Oh, it was Chris's very first race, he did AMAZING. I am so proud of him!

2 DAYS UNTIL HARRY! Oh gosh, am I dying or WHAT?! We have tickets for the midnight showing...and then I have to work the next morning at 7AM. Worth it? Absolutely! Just a heads up to everyone - I might cry when the movie starts, don't judge me.

We're getting closer to the wedding. 70 days. We finally booked a videographer. It's the same company who shot Beth and Johnny's wedding, I didn't even know they used them when I booked our date, what a coincidence! Basically all we have to do now is 1) invitations 2) finish our centerpieces 3) book our hotel for the wedding night, we're thinking Little America (suggestions?). THAT'S ALL! AHH!

Chris is moving into our future home in less than a month! It's in Bluffdale, which is SOOO MUCH CLOSER than Provo. I can't WAIT to steer clear of Utah County (and it's traffic) for more than 24 hours at a time. Yesterday, we went to our new place and put up our Christmas tree. IT'S ADORABLE! Sadly, I don't have pictures yet, we spaced and forgot our cameras. Pictures will come SOON! All I listen to is Christmas music. Kozy 106.5 and FM 100 are officially presets on my radio. Chis is SO sweet, letting us put up our tree and constantly listening to Christmas music with me BEFORE Thanksgiving, that's real love.

A couple weeks ago we had a friend dinner. It was so fun to get all the friends together again like the old days. We had tacos and bundt cake (because it was Court J's birthday!). Then the girls went to the mall while the boys watched sports. Tender. Beth and Court are throwing me a bridal shower in 2 weeks, so I get to see all my friends again, I'm SO excited. They're so nice to do that for me.

Well, that's about it for now. The next time I write I will have seen Harry Potter at least 8 times...jk...maybe! Thanks for reading XO.

PS: My favorite new website is stumbleupon.com CHECK IT! It takes a minute to put your information in, but it's SO worth it. I highly HIGHLY recommend checking it out!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween festivities

Happy REAL Halloween!!!

First things first: Late Friday night Chris and I checked LSAC.org (website that will have his LSAT score), no score was posted. We were super disappointed because now we'd have to wait the whole weekend for it to come. We got up at 6:30 yesterday for the half marathon and Chris decided to check the website once more, just in case. "IT'S HERE, CAMI!" I could tell that he was happy. I run over to him...163...SO GOOD! I'm so proud of him! He is in the 88th percentile of people who have taken the LSAT, he is AMAZING! He immediately gets onto the law school predictor website (it tells you how likely you are to get into each law school based on your GPA and LSAT), he has a very high chance of getting into Oregon WITH a scholarship!

Yesterday was the half marathon. Mom finished first in the family, then Cole, then Ty, then me. No surprises there! I was just happy to finish! Let me just tell you how SORE I am today...I can barely walk, that is NOT an exaggeration. The Halloween Half is 5 miles downhill so it works really different muscles that I'm used to. Happy it's over with!!!

For Halloween, we made cake bites, they were good (yes, I enjoyed a day off the diet yesterday, I figured running 13 miles earned me some candy, chocolate, and bread).
  • Make a cake as the instructions say
  • Crumble the cake into a big bowl
  • Mix in a thing of frosting (with your hands)
  • Make little balls and put them on tin foil
  • Put them in the freezer for like 20 minutes
  • Dip them in chocolate candy coating

Then we dressed up as Axl Rose from Guns N Roses and his groupie. Chris got the idea when we went to the Hard Rock Cafe in California, he saw an Axl Rose coat made from a flag, he loved it. We went to a party at a Mortuary, Allyssa and Noah live there. It was fun! Beth and Johnny made an amazing Family Feud game, I was impressed! It was fun to see everyone!

And like everyone else, I'm loving the new Taylor Swift CD! One last thing, now that Halloween is over, I'm ready for CHRISTMAS! We will be watching Elf after church today. I sure hope I can walk. Thanks for reading. XO.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 5

Today was day 5 of my diet. Not gonna lie, I'm dominating it. I have been drinking so much water that I literally have to use the bathroom at least once an hour. And THREE TIMES during the night. Holy waste of sleeping time! I'm already feeling really good even though it's only been 5 days. This time around I'm not craving carbs, it's that dang SUGAR that I want so badly.

  • On Monday, my ma got Chris a bundt for his birthday. Chris was sweet and let me smell his piece of cake several times. Smelling things always satisfies a bit of my craving. Bethanie used to say, "Smelling is the first sin, Cami."

  • Last night, Chris ate ice cream and I was jealous.

  • Happy Halloween, there is candy all over my house. STOP WITH THE TEMPTATIONS!!!

  • Tonight, Chris and I made cake bites, they are super messy to make and I didn't even lick the chocolate off of my fingers.

I was craving CHICKEN while I was at work today (??? what???). Chicken is my main source of food right now, hence my lunch was AMAZING. Cottage cheese and chicken, are you jealous or what?

ANYWAY, enough diet talk for now. I wish January 25th would be here already. 3 months and 2 days, please just be here already!!!

We bought our Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows opening night tickets. 27 days from now I will be in the theatre with all of my fellow Harry lovers. AH!

Today at work I talked to a grandma that sounded exactly like a goat, funniest thing of my life.

Lately, Chris and I have had the best talks. He is so smart and tells me the most interesting things about politics, church, school, etc. We just sit and talk for hours, I never get bored of it! I can't explain to you how perfect Chris is for me. I am SO lucky to have him. I love him with all of my heart, I never thought I would feel this way.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Yesterday I started my extended version of P90X. I have stretched it to 98 days since that's how long we have until the wedding! Hardest diet EVER but I'm sticking to it. My ONLY days off will be Thanksgiving, my birthday dinner, and Christmas (and maybe Christmas Eve). DON'T TEMPT ME WITH CHOCOLATE, CAKE, ICECREAM, COOKIES, OR BREAD! Or maybe do, it kind of motivates me in a weird way. I even bought the iPod app for it, it helps me track my food and water intake (type in "eatright" in the app store, it's called "Eat Right 90" if you want to join me).

So we went to California, it was nice. I loved going to Disneyland with my sweetheart. He is SO amazing, he waited in the hour long line so that I could go on my favorite ride...Peter Pan. 1 hour wait, 2.5 minute ride. He is perfect, I'm so lucky to have him. The only other way long line was for Toy Story in California Adventure, TOTALLY WORTH IT!

We also went to Huntington Beach, it was freezing. Chris broke his neck in the ocean a couple of years ago. The ocean is on my top 5 list of biggest fears. So we just napped on the beach, neither of us cared much to get in the water.

Chris and I decided that we NEVER want to live in California. It is WAY too dirty there. The air makes me want to throw up and become a tree-hugging hippie. I read an article in Time Magazine about what smog does to your developing fetus when you're pregnant. Your body has to compensate in other areas to get what it's lacking (clean air), so it affects your growing baby in several ways. It develops (in your poor unborn child) learning disabilities, asthma, and other things that we can avoid by living somewhere with clean air. Oregon is looking more promising every day. 

Mmm mmm hello SMOG!

We went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood for Chris's birthday. We were there for about 3 hours. The wait was over an hour, our food took at least 45 minutes to come out, then our checks took about 30 minutes, then getting our cards back took another 20. It was madness, but I didn't mind too much because I was there with my boy. My dad told me that we should not have given the chick a tip, "Tips aren't something that are automatic, Cami. Do you know what 'TIPS' stands for? To Insure Prompt Service." OH! Well we definitely should not have left a tip then. Oh well! For his 25th birthday, I gave Chris an electric shaver, a book, and some new socks. His parents gave him a ClearPlay, which I'm stoked about! It's a DVD player that will take anything out that you want. On the main menu, you just select that you don't want F-words or nudity and WALLA it's all edited out. PERFECT! My parents gave him a shirt and a hoodie, which he needed because TWO of Chris's hoodies (and a pair of True Religions) magically disappeared from his closet recently. Who steals?

Chris and I will be participating in the St. George Turkey Triathlon on November 13th, we're super excited! That is also our 1 year anniversary, we think it's a great way to celebrate! We will also be having Thanksgiving with the Higley family in Mesquite while we are down there. Harry Potter will be coming out the week after that!!! It's getting to be that time of year when time starts to FLY! Which I'm VERY happy about.

Anyway, I have to go run 23432 miles now, I'm NOT looking forward to this half marathon. Thanks for reading, if you actually even made it this far. XO

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vacation all I ever wanted

Hey, I'm going to try to make this quick!

Chris is FINISHED with the LSAT and he feels like he did really well! I'm so proud of my boy!!! Now we just have to wait 2 and a half more weeks for his score.

This week we looked at the University of Oregon. I like it. Especially since wikipedia states that there are a lot of Mormons in the town. Plus it's gorgeous there. And it's a little closer than the east coast. BUT I'll go/be happy where ever my sweetheart takes me.

Pictures went perfect! Minus the fact that they "made a mistake" and scheduled a dog-lovers auction at La Caille during our photoshoot, not a big deal though.

We got rear-ended by the dog-lovers auction vet as we were leaving La Caille. OOPS! The poor vet "got new breaks recently and they aren't working properly"...nice try dude but Chris could clearly see in the rear-view mirror that you were distracted by your phone. DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE, KIDS!

We went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and started registering today! I loved it! I want EVERYTHING there haha! I saw the cutest mini cupcake maker, Chris said, "Uhh no." He keeps me in line, what would I do without him? But, of course, we registered for the pink KitchenAid (and the red one, too). DREAM BIG!

We're going to California tomorrow! I'm so excited to have a nice break away from work! Disneyland, beach, just what I need. This will be the furthest I have ever traveled by car. Vegas is currently my longest drive of my (almost) 22 years of life. WEAK, I know.

So, the half marathon is creeping up on me very quickly. I'm nervous because I haven't been able to train as much as I would have liked. With the plantar fasciitis and the non-stop busy schedule, it's been tough.

One more thing. We had a facebook movie weekend. We went and saw Catfish on Friday. It's a documentary, nothing was staged or acted or anything. Chris and Ty liked it. I didn't love it, didn't hate it. Then on Saturday we saw The Social Network. We really liked it but thought that it could have been a lot less scandalous,  it would have been just as good. It made Chris happy that he won't be going to a school like Harvard because everyone is intimidatingly smart there. "Winklevii" funniest part of the movie, I recommend seeing it.

Anyway, thanks for reading. XO

Friday, October 8, 2010

The big day EVE!

Tomorrow is the big day for Chris. Please cross your fingers and pray for my boy. He's taking the LSAT, which is going to determine where we live for 3 years and maybe the rest of our lives! No pressure though! He's so smart and has been studying for 6 months, so he'll do fine! I will be so proud of him no matter what.

Here is the good news of the week:
  • I got a raise
  • I got the highest score in the class on my anthropology test
  • Chris's neck is finally improving
  • I am dominating math 1050
  • Chris and I will be in Disneyland this time next week
  • We do our groomals tomorrow
  • Yankees are up 2-0 in the series
  • Chris will be 25 in 8 days (QUARTER OF A CENTURY!)
  • We are 109 days away from being married for time and eternity
Life is good!

I did this quiz and got destroyed, you should all try it out and tell me how you do. I got a 13. I struggled on the purple/pink sections. It measures how well your eyes can see color hues.


Oh and speaking of eyes....I'M GETTING LASIK IN DECEMBER! I officially won't be blind as a bat (literally, the doctors deemed me "legally blind" a couple weeks ago) anymore! Everyone tells me that it's a life changing procedure. I have worn glasses since 1st grade and contacts since 3rd, I do not remember what it's like to actually SEE! It will be a miracle.


It's going to be so amazing! Chris and I have had our opening-night shirts since the beginning of summer, we're SO ready for it to come out! Speaking of Harry Potter, neither of us care to listen to music constantly, so Chris and I both listen to a lot of audiobooks. He gets to use his iPod all day at work, so he gets through a book or two each week! I never listen to music, if I'm listening to anything it's an audiobook, whether I'm running, driving, etc. I believe that it's been SO beneficial for both of us. Chris feels that he has improved on the Reading Comprehension section of the LSAT. And I feel that my vocabulary has improved and my road rage has lessened.

Tonight we are going to go see the movie Catfish. Court J. told me about it last week, so I watched the trailer and it looks way good! You should watch the trailer, chances are you haven't seen it/heard of it.

Well that's all for today! Have a good one! XO

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hey, it's Cami! Ok let's be serious, probably about 99% of postings are going to be me, Chris says he'll get on and write stuff buuuut.... I'll believe it when I see it muchacho!

Thursday was my day off, so Mama and I went to La Caille to kind of get an idea of what I want the groomals to look like. I am obsessed with the place. The colors are just to DIE for. But my favorite part was probably the duck with wishful thinking....he wanted to be a flamingo so bad.

So anyway, that's just a sample (with my amateur photography skills) of what's to come.

There aren't a lot of things that scare me too badly, but Thursday I experienced one of my fears. I was just showering, minding my own business, and BOOM! suddenly it's pitch black. What in the heck are you supposed to do in that situation? I poked my head out of the shower curtain wondering, "Is there a killer in my room that knows I'm terrified of showering in the dark... Or did the power just go out?" I kept poking my head out of the curtain every 4 seconds (just to be safe, of course). But don't worry, I'm still here, clearly we just lost power for a minute. After this traumatic situation, I got out, dried off, and walked to my closet to pick an outfit. Absentmindedly, I flip my closet light switch to the ON position because I couldn't see anything, nothing happened obviously. I felt silly. Moral of this story: I am very grateful for electricity, I take advantage of how easily we can access it at (almost) all times.

So I have this thing against motorcycles (no offense to any of you die-hard Harley Davidson fans). Friday I was getting ready for work at 6:30 am, when suddenly I hear this stupid motorcycle driving around my neighborhood, back and forth for at least 15 minutes. It was SOOOO loud that it probably woke every person up. It was fine for me because I was already up-and-at-em, but I thought it was so inconsiderate to everyone else who doesn't have to save grandmas before the sun comes up. So, just for future reference, don't show up to my house on your hog, I probably won't talk to you.

Speaking of saving grandmas, I want to share with you a couple of my favorite Rescue Alert subscriber's names, they're all for real. Bless their hearts.

  1. Mr. Buttkis

  2. Iwana Bone

  3. Mrs. Nicewanger

  4. Mrs. Slutsky (my favorite)
Yesterday, Chris and I spent about 4 and a half hours in the car...no, we didn't go to St. George, we were just STUCK IN THE WORST TRAFFIC UTAH HAS EVER SEEN. I was close to having a break down, but Chris (being the perfect person that he is) distracted me by asking what I would want to do if we won the $260 million lottery. That made me a little more cheery inside.

One last thing! Tonight I'm having a girls night with Court J., Shawna, and Court's friends from her ward. I'm excited, we're going to Chili's for dinner. Thanks boys for being so righteous and attending Priesthood :)