Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall update!

Hey, long time no blog! I hate that I have been such a bad blogger lately but 1. I don't have a ton of time to blog 2. There usually isn't anything too fun to blog about!

Things are going well for us! Chris is almost HALF WAY through law school! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!? I seriously can't! With our stupid economy, Chris is kind of scared that he won't be able to find a job once he graduates but he is such an honest, hard working man, he will find a job. Plus, he works for the Attorney General right now, he always has that to fall back on! I have complete faith in Chris, everything happens for a reason, and I know things will work out just fine in the end. We may not probably won't ever be "rich" and we'll be paying off student loans for the next 589 years, but who cares?! I wouldn't trade my Chris for all the money in the world.
Love love love them!

We had the fun opportunity to spend Fall Break with some of Chris's law school friends, their wives, and babies! We all went down to St. George and stayed at Beau's family's house. We had so much fun just relaxing, swimming, roasting marshmallows, and watching Conference. We also got to spend some time with Andy and Cammi's family, which was so fun, I wish they lived closer to us! One of Chris's friends from high school (he went to high school in St. George) took our family pictures while we were down there. They turned out AMAZING, I knew they would, Hayley does SUCH a good job.
Marianne, Eddie, Chris, Me (Viv was sleeping), Drew, Noelle, Heather, Kevin, Henry, Sharee, Beau, Beau Jr.

Vivien and her cousin Hugh

One of our pics taken in good ol' Pinto, Utah...population 8

A few of my friends who have babies get together each month for a baby date! I look forward to it each month. This month we went to Gardener Village with our babes dressed up in their Halloween costumes. HOLY COW that place is BUSY, I think it must just be this time of year, because every other time I've been it has been completely empty. It was so fun to catch up with these amazing ladies! Can't wait for next month's get-together! We love adding new moms/babies to the group, so get on that baby making, ladies!
Allyssa & Finn, Ashely & Stella, Jessica & Ava, Whitney & Quinn, Me & Vivien, Nikki & Rylee

Last night, I was having a hard time sleeping (who KNOWS why because Viv still isn't a good sleeper) and I was thinking about how my life has changed since I've had Vivien. One thing I realized is....
I have completely overcome my lifelong fear of the dark! 
I'm so proud of myself haha!! When I get up to feed Vivien during the night, I do everything I can to keep her asleep, so the room has to be completely dark, so my phobia was basically forced away from me! I feel like a jedi or something!

So, while I was pregnant I basically fell in love with the medical field. I think nurses and doctors are the coolest people EVER! I loved my stay at the hospital mostly because of the kind and loving nurses. This was on my mind for a few months when I decided that I want other's have the same great experiences as me. I have decided that I want to be a nurse! I was kind of nervous to bring it up with Chris because for my whole life I have always JUST wanted to be a momma, I have never wanted to work. But I told Chris my thoughts and he has been very supportive of my decision. Now, don't get me wrong-I love being a mom, I just feel like I want to do a little more. I started feeling a little guilty about wanting to work (so many people would give anything to just be a stay-at-home mom) but yesterday at church we had a great lesson about working and bettering ourselves, this lesson was an answer to my prayers and doubts, I feel so good about it! 

I'm really hoping I can get into SLCC's nursing program, I feel really good and confident about it. I only need to take a few classes, get my CNA, and take the HESI A2 exam before I apply. I will start in January, I am only going to do 1 or 2 (prereq) classes at a time so I can get good grades and still spend a lot of time with Vivien. Chris will graduate before I start nursing school. I'm SO excited!

Well that's about it for now. Until next time (which, let's be honest, will probably be a few months!)

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  1. Hooray! I'm so excited for you! I always thought it was so crazy that you didn't plan on finishing school- you're so good at it! Good luck with errything!
    ps- I still need to meet that Viv!