Monday, September 10, 2012

Harry Potter Quiet Book

Hey blog world, it's been a long time...again! I have been busy busy busy being a momma and loving every minute with my AMAZING daughter. She isn't much of a sleeper (she only takes 40 minute [on the dot] naps), but I recently decided that I wanted to bring out my artistic side while she takes her cat-naps. 

My friend Heather is amazing at sewing. I was browsing through her blog and I came across her homemade Harry Potter Quiet Book, check it out HERE! I had been wanting to make Vivien a quiet book, so I decided that since I am the number one Harry fan, I absolutely needed to make my own version of this. I browsed the internet for ideas, but it looks like Heather is the only person who has made one, so mine is the 2nd HP quiet book, SO COOL!

After hours and hours of work, I am finally finished! It is made mostly from felt and sewed on with a sewing machine. I'm so excited to train Vivien to be a Harry P fan reeeeal young haha! HERE IT IS!

Find Harry's lightning scar
{Lift hair...scar!}

 Sort the students into houses
{Match the colors or the letters on their shirts}

Help Ron catch Scabbers
{Velcro Scabbers to Ron's hand}

What is Hermione thinking about?
{Thoughts -Ron, Crookshanks, books-}
{Attach thoughts with velcro}

Add ingredients to the potion
{Ingredients -worm, ladybug, banana, diamond-}
{Put them inside}

Count Hagrid's dragon eggs
{Lift the eggs, 1 2 3}

Catch the golden snitch
{Attach snitch with a button}

Feel Dumbledore's beard
{The beard is soft fur}

And that's it! Not gonna lie, I'm totally proud of myself! An extra perk from it all...I only recently started sewing and I think this has really helped me to improve! If you want me to make you will only cost you like...hmm...$5000!

I'm excited to start a new project during Viv's naps soon, but first I think I'll do something read a book! PLUS, I have started thoroughly studying the Book of Mormon. I saw this lady's blog on Pinterest, she breaks down each chapter to really help you understand what's going on. Click HERE to check out her amazing blog! Ohh how I love being a stay-at-home mom! Thanks Chris for working SO hard and knowing how important it is for me to spend so much time with our sweet Viv!


  1. Aww I love this! You're so adorable. I love your hagrid! haha :)